About McGuires'

In an age where many local pubs have sold out to major retail chains the McGuire group remain proudly a family owned business. Since the early 1900s our family has been running hotels in the Brisbane and South-East Queensland region.

Handed down from one generation to the next, our family values continue to focus on the importance of honest value for money in friendly, neighbourly hotels where you’ll always feel welcome. You’ll see that family influence is everywhere: in the genuine hospitality and the hands on attention to detail, both hallmarks of a successful family owned business.

These days, the high standards of ambience and decor, along with a large range of entertainment for all tastes, the ever increasing variety of beverages, and the provision of excellent food are all changing the face of hotels from what they were only a few years ago.

But there's one thing that won’t change –our reputation for value, quality and atmosphere.

 Isn’t it time you checked out your local McGuires' Hotel?